Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need a referral to have an endoscopy procedure?+

What is a gastroscopy?+

What is a colonoscopy?+

Can I choose which colon preparation I want use?+

Can the colon preparation make my symptoms worse?+

How much notice do I need to give to cancel my procedure?+

Am I at greater risk for colorectal cancer if a family has been previously diagnosed?+

How long will I be at the hospital for my procedure?+

Can I be dropped off for my procedure and picked up after I am done or does someone have to stay with me the whole time?+

Can I walk or take a taxi after I have had IV sedation with my procedure?+

What does legally impaired mean?+

When can I drive?+

Can I have a family member or friend stay with me during the procedure?+

Will I see the doctor before my procedure?+

If I am menstruating, can I still have my procedure?+

Will I need to take extra measures if I have IV sedation while breast feeding?+

If I have a cold or flu, do I have to cancel my procedure?+

Do I continue to take my regular medicine while prepping for my procedure?+

Why can’t I only drink water when I am doing my clear fluid diet?+

Do I have to have to be sedated for my procedure?+

What type of drugs are used for IV sedation during an endoscopy?+

Can I have general anaesthetic or propofol?+

What do I do if I have had a previous adverse reaction to IV sedation?+

Will I be able to resume normal activities the day after my procedure?+

What happens if I do not have another adult to accompany me or pick me up from my procedure?+

Can I have a colonoscopy while pregnant?+

What do I do after my procedure if I experience severe abdominal pain, diarrhea, rectal bleeding, swallowing difficulties, or breathing difficulties?+

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