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Patients require a referral from their primary care provider.

Physicians and MOAs please fax a completed referral form along with supporting documents to 1-888-398-7091.

GI CAT Referral

Pacific Digestive Health can be reached at 250-412-1864
(Medical offices only)

  • Dr. Robert Barclay, ext. 104
  • Dr. Oscar Cruz-Pereira, ext. 100
  • Dr. Andrew Flynn, ext. 108
  • Dr. Voja Jovanovic, ext. 105
  • Dr. Dustin Loomes, ext. 107
  • Dr. Rohit Pai, ext. 106
  • Dr. Jamie Papp, ext. 103
  • Dr. Kevin Rioux, ext. 109
  • Dr. Justin Shah, ext. 101
  • Dr. R. Andrew Singh, ext. 102
  • Dr. E. Wishart, ext. 120
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Pacific Digestive Health

230-1590 Cedar Hill X Road
Victoria, BC V8P 2P5

If you have an in-office appointment or procedure but feel you may have Covid-19 or other viral respiratory symptoms, please contact your gastroenterologist’s office.

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